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What is a Landing Page?

By December 11, 2017 No Comments

A Landing Page is simply a single web page that any visitor can land on after clicking an online marketing call-to-action It is a standalone page typically designed for a single focus objective e.g. a specific marketing campaign. There are two basic types of landing pages; Click Through and Lead Generation.

Click-Through Landing Pages

A Click-Through Landing Page aims to persuade the visitor to click through to another page. The goal of click-through page is to “warm up” the visitor to the product or service being marketed. Typically used for ecommerce, the click-through page informs the potential buyer with enough information about the product or service, making them ready to purchase and then being directed to a shopping cart or registration page which is the click-through page.

Lead Generation Landing Pages

A Lead Generation Landing Page also known as a Lead Capture page is designed to capture user data, such as user name and email address. The purpose of the Lead Gen page is to collect user information to allow you to continue to market the product or service to them at a later date. This page will include a form which is designed to collect the user’s information in exchange for something such a free trial or a discount/voucher.

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